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Q&A With Corky!

About my life as Corky and some frequently asked questions:
I must say it got into me. I love the way children go into their imagination and I wanted to be a part of making that real for them.
Yes, I have two children. A girl Daisy and a boy, Corbin. They have inspired some characters I do such as Fairy Lily and Cute Boots the Pirate.
Yes, I am married to a very talented children’s entertainer and artist, Jeff Mangum, who is also Arty the clown. I influenced his choice to become a clown and he has surpassed my expectations. He is GREAT!!! He also draws caricatures and paints murals. The caricatures are a great addition to a party or company event, fall festival, or spring fling. Please look at his work!
The answer is always the same! 10 years and it will never change. I have been a clown longer but I don’t want to make myself seem old because I am not!!

Yes and No. My college background is in theatre and communications but my real education comes from the kids in the world.

I don’t feel I can connect to the children. That is better for festivals but not a person’s birthday where you want to make a connection with the audience.

Don't forget Corky's friend Arty the Clown!

“I’m a wild silly clown that likes to clown around. I do AMAZING magic tricks, but there’s always some Birthday kid messing up my tricks and making me look really silly.”

Award Winning
Caricatures By Jeff

Jeff Mangum is a caricature artist in Charlotte NC, he draws caricatures (funny portraits), for parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, schools and gift caricatures.

Hilarious cartoon portraits are drawn in minutes before your eyes. Fun, live entertainment and your guests take home a personalized memento from your event.

Caricatures By Jeff contributed cartoons to the award-winning Raggs TV show for young kids, creating a caricature of each of the 45 Presidents.

Do you or someone you know need mural art?


Jeff Mangum has been painting large scale (and small) artworks on walls floors and ceilings for over 16 years, this passion became a profession in 1999 with the start up of Masterpiece Murals.

Jeff has produced art work in a wide variety of styles allowing for greater choice in the final appearance of the mural. Jeff has worked professionally in acrylic and oil paints, airbrush, industrial spray applications, furniture painting, portraiture,commercial illustration, and graphics/ print media.
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